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Is there a time where PIP isn't required in Utah? What happens in those situations?

What is PIP?

Personal Injury Protection, also known as PIP, is a type of insurance coverage. This insurance coverage is used in “no-fault” states and is sometimes referred to as “no-fault” coverage. After a minor accident, PIP functions by paying some of the policyholder’s own medical bills. Many states have adopted the no-fault insurance policy to help ease the burden of minor accidents on the court system. By requiring citizens to carry no-fault insurance coverage, this ensures that minor claims are covered by the citizen’s own insurance company.

Is it mandatory in Utah?

Personal Injury Protection coverage is mandatory in the state of Utah. Utah law specifies, “every policy of insurance or combination of policies purchased to satisfy the owner’s or operator’s security requirement . . . shall include: personal injury protection.” This type of coverage cannot be waived. There’s not a way to get out of it except as it relates to income benefits. Medical benefits, loss of income (up to $250 a week), and household services (up to $20 a day) are obligatory. Utah law outlines, “the insured may waive [PIP] for the named insured . . . only [for] the loss of gross income benefit."

So, the insured can waive income benefits if, according to the Utah state code, “if the insured states in writing that . . . within 31 days of applying for coverage, neither the insured or the insured’s spouse received any earned income and regular employment and for at least 180 days from the date of the writing and during the period of insurance, neither the insured nor the insured’s spouse will receive earned income from regular employment.”

People can select a policy which allows for more PIP coverage. There are plans out there with $100,000 policies in Personal Injury Protection. Similarly, some states require a higher level of PIP coverage. For example, Florida’s PIP coverage requirement is $10,000.

Purpose of Personal Injury Protection

All in all, PIP coverage is meant to help people involved in car accidents, and while there are certain parts of it that people can waive, for the most part, it is an essential part of being a driver in Utah. Questions concerning PIP should be directed toward those who know about car insurance, especially after an accident. For example, following a car accident, there is a flood of questions about PIP, medical bills, and lost wages. A personal injury attorney can resolve many of the questions that you might be having following a car accident.

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