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(Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

What Is MSM?

MSM is a natural form of highly bio-available organic sulfur which dissolves quickly into the bloodstream and is found in all living organisms. It is normally present in low concentrations in our body’s fluids and tissues. Some researchers suggest that food processing has depleted MSM in the foods we eat, such as Milk, Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, and Fish. This depletion causes the body in-turn to become depleted of MSM, thereby adversely affecting its ability creating healthy cells. Unhealthy cells can then cause aches, pains, allergies, illness, and disease.

Why Does the Body Need MSM?

As the end product of digestion of proteins, amino acids such as methionine, cycstine, and cysteine are all sulfur bonders, and without sulfur in your diet these amino acids are incompletely bonded. This incomplete sulfur bond produces incomplete cell formation, leading to dysfunctional cells. For example, if we were to think of our cells as balloons full of water and protein as the latex rubber surrounding each one. The protein covering can become tough due to abnormal protein formation, and the water pressure on the inside can become greater than the outside pressure causing inflammation and pain. MSM can restore the normal protein surrounding the cell, so the water freely flows through the cell wall once again, thereby flushing out toxins and allowing nutrition to come in and rebuild or repair the damaged cell.

MSM is considered non-toxic; excessive amounts, not needed by the body, are simply flushed from your body every 12 hours. It has numerous reported benefits because of how it works on every individual cell, improving cellular function. Some of the reported benefits would include: reduced allergic response, control of hyperacidity, relief of stomach discomfort, aids the reconstruction of healthy cells with cancer patients, protects against the onset of breast and colon cancer, significantly reduces snoring disorders, control of constipation, antiparasitic action, increases cologne syntheses, relieves hangover symptoms, aids the bio-availability of other nutrients or medications, helps restore and balance the body's pH, aiding the elimination of Candida yeast infections, and many other benefits. Approximate recommended dose for adults would be approx. 250 - 270 mg per day. This appears to be a very safe product to try. If symptoms do not dissipate over a 60 day period they may be due to something else other than lack of MSM. Consult with your health care professional.

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