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Hyperbaric Chamber for Sports Injuries & Sports Performance

Injuries caused by sports-related activities are a substantial concern among players, coaches and parents alike. How can we keep our favorite players competing and excelling in what they love to do? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) may be the answer. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation and ameliorate pain. Additionally, HBOT can promote fibroblast/collagen activity to accelerate and enhance healing from surgeries and wounds. It will allow athletes to recover faster, train longer, and perform better.

Hyperbaric Chamber for Athletes

HBOT is often utilized by physicians and individuals to help reach a full recovery from high-impact insults to the body and is currently used by some of the U.S. Olympic Teams to treat sports-related injuries as a part of their official medical techniques and equipment. Professional athletes who have used oxygen therapy includes: Tom Brady, David Beckham, Lance Armstrong, and many more. Studies have demonstrated the following benefits of HBOT for sports-related injuries.

Accelerate Recovery From Sports-Related Injuries

  • Increases collagen production

  • Reduces inflammation and pain

  • Faster and better recovery from Sprains, Tears & Bone Fractures

  • Enhances recovery from Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) & Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

  • Decreases susceptibility to re-injury

  • Rapid Recovery from concussions & head injuries

  • Stimulates stem cell proliferation

Faster Recovery From Surgeries

  • Increases fibroblast activation

  • Reduces inflammation for optimal pre-op conditions

  • Reduces risk of infection

Amplify Recovery From Intensive Training

  • Accelerates healing from acute muscle strain

  • Improves fatigue

  • Increases blood flow

Studies: The role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in sports medicine.

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy may serve to provide a means of therapy to facilitate a speedier resumption to pre-injury activity levels as well as improve the short and long term prognosis of the injury. To date, numerous professional athletic teams, including hockey (NHL), football (NFL), basketball (NBA) and soccer (MLS), utilize and rely on the use of HBO as adjuvant therapy for numerous sports-related injuries acquired from playing competitive sports. However, to date, very little has been published on the application benefits of hyperbaric therapy and sports injuries. The majority of clinical studies examining the efficacy of HBO in treating soft tissue injuries have been limited in their sample size and study design. Further research needs to be conducted suggesting and validating the significant effects of this treatment modality and further grounding its importance in sports medicine.

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