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In addition to being a Chiropractic Physicians, our Dr's are Certified Medical Examiners for the FMCSA. We can get you in and out for those DOT medical cards in a timely manner. We'll save your drivers time and money. Get an excellent exam at a better price than the other guys in town.

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At Cedar City Chiropractic & Rehabilitation we perform work ready or Pre-employment physicals. We work with Employers to develop work ready physicals and provide instruction for perspective or new employees to decrease injuries and screen out unfit employees.


DOT Physicals and Pre-placement exams are services you our your company might want to explore. Hiring any employee is a risk especially if that employee has underlying conditions that could result in a costly work injury for both employee and employer. Pre-placement physicals are an opportunity to evaluate perspective employees and to provide one on one instruction with regards to lifting and injury prevention.


Tired of the same old material for those safety meeting? Let us help. At Cedar City Chiropractic & Rehabilitation we can help! Give us a topic or concern and we'll prepare a presentation as a complimentary community service. Instructions tailored for your employees needs. 

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At Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, Doctor Our physicians have the solution to more than just your back.  With professional, on-hand dietitians, health coaches, massage therapist, our Chiropractic Physicians can focus on your overall health and wellness. This will allow you to run FASTER, jump HIGHER, recover QUICKER, and will ultimately help you achieve your greatest wellness goals. At Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, "We have MORE than just your back!"

Chiropractic Research

NCCIH-supported research on chiropractic care includes projects that have focused on:

  • Spinal manipulation for back pain, neck pain, and headache, as well as for other health conditions such as temporomandibular disorders

  • Development of a curriculum to increase the understanding of evidence-informed practice in chiropractic educational institutions

  • Influence of patients’ satisfaction with care on their response to treatment, in a study that compared chiropractic and medical care in a group of back-pain patients.

NCCIH also funded establishment of a developmental center for research in chiropractic at the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research. Investigators at Palmer and at other partnering institutions conduct basic and clinical research on chiropractic treatment approaches, how they might work, and diseases and conditions for which they may be most helpful.

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