Our Wellness Team

Dr. Hobson, Cedar City Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Physician

DR. M. Curtis Hobson DC, CME

Dr. Curtis Hobson, is a second generation Chiropractor, born and raised in St. George. He completed his 4 year undergraduate education at Dixie State University and SUU, graduating Cum Laude from DSU and again graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Chiropractics from Southern California University of Health Sciences.

Education is very important to Dr Hobson and the way he functions in practice. After moving to Southern Utah he taught in the biological sciences departments at SUU and DSU for 8 years. 


Dr. Hobson carries additional certifications as a Certified Health Coach, and as a Certified Medical Examiner for the DOT, he is M1 certified in Graston and has studied under some the of the top soft tissue experts in the USA. Dr. Hobson has lectured professionally on nutrition and for 4 years served as the Official Chiropractor for SUU athletics, also as the official Chiropractor for the MMA club in Cedar City, he's worked with professional cycling, volleyball, football, gymnastics, soccer, track and dance.  He has successfully treated a wide variety of sports, muscle, nerve, and joint injuries.  Oct 2020 Dr . Hobson was voted best chiropractor in Iron County.

Dr. Hobson believes that an important aspect of treatment is to create balance: emotionally, mentally and physically.

Dr. Hobson is happy to serve the Cedar City and surrounding areas.


Kaylee Perkins LMT

Kaylee has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014. She graduated from Healing Mountain School of Massage Therapy where she excelled. After school Kaylee continued her education in many modalities and nutrition, however, focusing most of her time on massage and nutrition for women in pre-peri-post natal life stages, child massage and nutrition, and manual lymph drainage. During her career Kaylee has been able to help geriatric and oncology clients to better attain a more comfortable way of life, pregnant and postnatal women find comfort in their ever changing bodies, Post-operative clients reduce edema and recover faster, and assist with chiropractic care on a multitude of clients in all their life stages. 

Kaylee was first interested in massage therapy because of the immense healing it could provide. While a student she had the good fortune of working closely with pediatricians and pediatric oncology doctors to assist with her cousin who had been diagnosed with Glioblastoma. During the year of treatments provided Kaylee saw how massage could be used to help heal and comfort those in dire straits and as a byproduct the family was also more at peace and that sealed her decision. Kaylee’s long term goal is to become a holistic therapist focusing on helping pediatric oncology patients and others chronically ill.

 Dr. Jon Martin DC MS Sports Medicine 
Dr. Martin holds several advanced degrees including a Bachelor's in Exercise Physiology, Bachelors in Human Biology, Doctor of Chiropractic, and a Masters degree in Sports Medicine. He was raised in Sunnyside Washington where cows outnumber the people.  Dr. Martin received his graduate education from University of Western States 
He is excited to utilize his skills and knowledge to help the people of St. George!
Rochelle Lunt, Cedar City Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, Health Coach

Rochelle Lunt, Health Coach

Rochelle Lunt is a certified, Holistic Health coach who is passionate about helping others with their overall health, and well being.  Her love for this line of work started when she attended SUU and studied Physical Ed and nutrition.  She started her family and found a way to squeeze fitness into her busy life, and began her journey as a fitness instructor 23 years ago. She certified in Step aerobics, spin and pilates, and is currently teaching at the new Retro Fitness Center in Cedar City Rochelle certified as a personal trainer in 2000 with IFPA and continues to work out on a regular basis. She claims its the best natural high and antidepressant there is!

Rochelle just recently graduated from the Vibrant Living Academy, to be a Holistic Health Coach. There she studied more in depth ways to help her clients in all areas of Wellness, Body, mind, Heart and soul. Though the physical body was her expertise, she now has the tools to help people let go of some of the emotional and mental negativity and roadblocks that may be affecting their health.  If you need guidance and help in any area of yourlife, and want to make positive changes in your physical, emotional or mental health, please contact us to make n appointment with Rochelle.  She is the mother of four children and grandmother to one little grandson and lives here in Cedar City with her husband, Rick.