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Do You Pop Your Back?

Many people, particularly younger people, regularly “crack” their own spines.  This is done for a number of different reasons, the primary one being to feel better.  When the spine is “popped”, the body reacts as...

Do you find yourself or your children getting sick a lot? Sugar might have more to do with that then you think. Did you know that consuming sugar actually decreases your ability to fight off infection? In fact, sugar actually lengthens your recovery...

Short-Term Weight Loss? Not Healthy in the Long-Term

Trying to lose weight by methods which are short-term in there thinking, or by methods which you do not plan on maintaining for the next 20 years, are poorly thought out, poorly engineered, many hav...

Hi I'm Dr. Williams back again with Cedar City Chiropractic and Rehabilitation here in Cedar City, Utah. So today we're going to talk about icing. So is icing...do I use it? Do I not use it? When do you use it? How long do I ice for? Those are all qu...

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